Staying on track

Keeping the trains running in the UK for key workers and essential journeys

April 27, 2020

Lockdown doesn’t mean that all public transport is shut down in the UK.

Andrew Davies, an account manager at JLL’s Integral business, is responsible for making sure two of the country’s big train operators can continue to run services to enable key workers to commute and the public to make essential journeys.

“Travel in the UK is, of course, is very different right now to how it was two months ago,” Andrew says. “But while train timetables have been revised and reduced, there’s no cutting back on ensuring the health and safety of staff and passengers – that’s really a priority for both operators.”

His team are regularly visiting train stations, implementing new government guidelines and carrying out essential statutory compliance maintenance to keep the network running.

Communication has never been more important for the wider team – even when much is now done on video calls.

“It’s certainly a challenging time but it’s really brought people together to support one another and broken down many barriers. I’m intrigued as to how we’ll all go back to normal after this is over.”

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