Virtual Reality Theme Park

Our Communication Strategy with over 100 sub -contractors resulted in the successful delivery of the world’s largest virtual reality theme park 


The Dubai Mall, Dubai 


6,500 Sqm  


Our Communication Strategy with over 100 sub-contractors resulted in the successful delivery of the world’s largest virtual reality theme park. 

Christopher, Aird, Associate - Project & Development Services

With just eight weeks to go before the VR Park was due to open, we were appointed to drive the project completion and oversee the final stages. One of the most complicated high-tech projects to take place in the region, the VR theme park is at the cutting edge of the entertainment sector. Behind the scenes, the complexity caused by engaging with over 100 sub-contractors threatened to delay the launch date.

Key Challenges

  • Dealing with over 100 sub-contractors - a vast logistical issue which only detailed critical path analysis and meticulous organisation could resolve
  • Obtaining a panoply of certifications and approvals, some of which were highly specialist
  • Ensuring that the ambitious goals of the project could be fulfilled on the ground
  • Adapting to the tight restrictions on working hours imposed by The Dubai Mall 

Our Solutions

  • Conducting a ‘deep dive’ on all legacy project issues and set a plan in motion to resolve them.
  • Our strategy to avoid delays was to set up precise communications protocols with all the contractors. The first steps were to identify their project leaders, check the validity of the contracts that were in place and ensure that the insurance policies were all sufficient. Only at that stage could we begin to make payments, align each contractor with the project goals and focus them all on the last stages. 
  • We recognised that the VR Park relies on its layout and the build-up of atmosphere and suspense to achieve maximum effect. We focused, for instance, on practical ways of creating the space configurations that would meet this need. We did this by brainstorming in the area on a twice-daily basis in the last couple of weeks. 
  • We had a highly collaborative relationship with the managers of Emaar Entertainer having worked with them many times before. The VR Park unit is one of the largest in the mall — which is itself the largest mall in the world. Both sides had a strong interest in a rapid completion and we collaborated smoothly and efficiently.
  • We had to work particularly hard on obtaining certifications and approvals for the unusual features of the VR Park that make it so attractive to visitors. The small roller coaster was one of the many assets that needed specialist checking and certification (from the TUV regulator).
  • The most ambitious VR project to date in the region, the Park has been a highly successful pilot run of this new entertainment formula.

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