Client story

Triton Knoll

Entering a new market is always challenging, especially in an increasingly competitive environment. By far the most developed in the world, UK’s offshore wind industry is attracting new entrants seeking to gain know-how.

JLL helped J-Power navigate successfully the competitive bid process and enter the European offshore wind market by acquiring a 25% share of 860MW Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm.

Client challenge

J-Power are one of Japan’s largest power generation companies and intend to build the country’s first major offshore wind farm in Kitakyushu-city in the early 2020s as part of a plan to decarbonise and rebuild Japan’s electricity industry. J-Power asked JLL to help them gain know-how by investing into a European offshore energy project.

See the world differently

Our understanding and experience of the offshore wind market were key for supporting J-Power in a successful competitive auction bid to acquire a 25% share of Triton Knoll.

Ambition achieved

This £2bn offshore wind project which will be constructed by innogy, one of Europe’s leading developers and operators, will provide J-Power with invaluable experience in delivering offshore wind projects in Japan. J-Power confirmed their satisfaction with JLL’s support as Financial Advisor in achieving this great milestone.