Client story

The Storm Coaster by Emaar

A first-of-its-kind indoor roller coaster that pushed the boundaries of engineering design


Dubai, UAE


Project Management, Cost Management


August 2019 - February 2022

  • extreme vertical launch to 50 meters in 5 seconds
  • 670 metre track
About the project

Located in Dubai Hills Mall, The Storm Coaster is a first-of-its-kind indoor roller coaster which consists of a 50-meter-high vertical launch and a 670-meter-long track which has been intrinsically integrated into the building’s core and shell.

As the project manager for the mall’s construction, Emaar Entertainment appointed our team to provide project management and cost management services on this pioneering project. Our role involved the entire project life cycle from initial planning and feasibility, to advising on procurement strategy, design and construction phase.

Challenges and our solutions

The roller coaster was developed to push the boundaries of engineering planning and design. Both the primary structure and the track itself are inter-connected, requiring acute planning and millimeter accuracy during the construction phase. The track is extremely complex geometrically, as it rotates on all axis within the three-dimensional space of the building delivering unparalleled user experience.

Due to these challenges, extensive parametric modelling was applied from day one of pre-concept design through to the construction stage. This allowed for design modifications to be easily and dynamically absorbed and executed, whilst maintaining accuracy of the design and achieving the milestones set out in the delivery schedule.

Several key features of this build include a specialised power and vertical magnetic launch system that propels the coaster 50 meters vertically in 5 seconds and over 4-kilometer of LEDs to create a dramatic thematic show synced with the coaster.

The result

Commencing operations on 17 February 2022 to coincide with the Mall’s opening, The Storm’s distinctive experience is designed to immerse guests in the perilous and exciting world of storm chasing. It also offers a 360-degree VR immersive experience where guests feel they’re lifted above the Dubai skyline at the start of the ride.

Through exceptional technical skills and teamwork across various countries, the project was handed over on time and within project budget.

For more information, explore @theStormcoaster.