Client story

Dubai Marina Mall

Analyze and identify high-ROI energy-saving measures to the building HVAC system & renewable energy study


Dubai Marina Mall


Dubai UAE 


Dubai Marina Mall is one of the largest waterfront developments in Dubai which opened over 12 years ago. Unavailability of complete design documentation and inconsistencies between the contractual documents and as-builts made it difficult to establish baseline design parameters.

Our Approach & Solution

We conducted a preliminary survey/walkthrough energy audit across the HVAC plant rooms which houses Chillers, Cooling Towers, Chilled Water Pumps and Air Handling Units to identify both no/low-cost energy conservation measures and more capital-intensive improvements.

For each proposed energy saving retrofits/system replacement identified, we calculated the project costs, forecasted cost savings, and estimated payback period.

  • Energy reductions of 717,882 kWh can be realized annually by incorporating improvements to the pump installations with AED 315,868 potential savings in utility costs.
  • Energy cost savings over AED 410,644 can be attained in a year by retrofitting the onsite chillers. Energy savings of 933,282 kWh can be realized as a result.
  •  Retrofitting the Air Handling Units provide 594,261 kWh of energy reduction which gives AED 261,475 in cost savings.
  • Proposed energy conservation measures translates to a forecasted payback period of less than 4.03 years.
  • Put the client on-track to meet their corporate energy and sustainability goals
  • Review of renewable energy opportunities