Neil Murray

CEO Corporate Solutions, EMEA

Neil oversees the functions that advise businesses and other institutions on where they should be based and how best to use the buildings they occupy. His teams also help carry out those plans.

Neil’s love affair with workplaces and workspaces began in 1998, where his job at facilities maintenance firm the GSH Group took him all over the world in various regional leadership roles. At global outsourcing specialist Sodexo he was CEO of Corporate Services and Chair for the UK & Ireland. He joined JLL in 2017.

Real estate costs are the second largest type of expenditure for most companies. But when done correctly, the physical workplace should be an asset. That’s why Neil spends most of his time thinking about people and technology. Because in the war to attract the best talent, the battle will be won in providing a digital workspace that prioritises human experience and allows employees to be as productive as possible.

In addition to his Corporate Solutions responsibilities, Neil oversees all operations in Central and Eastern Europe.

When not at work he might be found starboard or port, as he plays skipper when he gets the chance. Back on dry land, he works on improving his golf handicap.

Originally from Ireland, he lives in West London with his wife and three children.