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Middle-Income Housing


​​ The lack of middle income housing is currently one of the major challenges facing the real estate industry across MENA. As population growth and urbanisation continue, countries across the region are facing growing pressure to accommodate the evolving needs of both nationals and expatriates. This includes the need for more good quality, affordable accommodation within developed communities, for middle income individuals and households.

Governments across the region have acknowledged this issue and are drafting a range of policies to tackle the shortage. Further efforts at the implementation stage are needed to ensure the successful delivery of affordable projects. Private developers have been 'slow to the party' but are now recognising the potential of the middle-income housing segment. This is evident from the numerous project announcements targeting this sector.

Tackling & resolving the problem requires a concentrated effort between government and private developers to address 5 major areas: Cost of land, construction costs, developer business models, access to housing finance, and regulatory issues. ​​​​