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Middle Eastern Capital - The Impact Of Lower Oil Prices On Real Estate Capital Flows

​Middle Eastern Investors remain major players on the global real estate stage, with total overseas investments reaching USD 8 billion in the YT September 2015.

While there are signs that both Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF’s) and private investors are adjusting their strategies in the light of lower oil prices, this has not resulted in any major decline in activity to date.

JLL expect a reduction in buying activity from ME Investors in 2016 as they adjust to a prolonged period of lower oil prices.

While total investment levels may fall in 2016, ME Investors will continue to look for opportunities in safe overseas markets given continued instability within their home region.

SWF’s remain the dominant players, but a continued shift in the structure of the market is expected, with increased investment in real estate from private investors and family groups.

Within the Middle East, opportunities are currently being constrained by the lack of suitable product being offered to the market. The availability of more completed income producing commercial properties and further opportunities to tap into growing alternative sectors such as education and healthcare will be key to attracting private wealth to remain within the region.

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