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Cairo Real Estate Market Overview - Q1 2015

​All sectors of the Cairo real estate market have witnessed positive performance and improved sentiment during Q1 2015. This improvement largely resulted from stronger confidence and investment appetite due to the increased economic and political stability. This confidence is most clearly illustrated by the recent announcement of the mega real estate project “Cairo Capital.” This project will serve as an extension for New Cairo and will draw the centre of gravity further to the East of the existing city.

Residential sale prices continued to increase across Cairo during Q1 2015, with office rents increasing in New Cairo and retail rents edging further upwards over the past quarter. The hotel sector has also recorded improved performance with tourist numbers and hotel occupancy rates improving. The performance of both the tourism sector and other parts of the real estate market are expected to continue to benefit from increased levels of foreign investment into Egypt, committed at the recent Economic Summit in Sharm El Sheikh in March 2015.

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