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Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Overview - Q3 2010

​Our latest Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Overview - Q3 2010, highlights:

All sectors of the Abu Dhabi market are in the downturn stage of their market cycle with average rents and prices likely to fall further in coming quarters. Despite the general trends, there remain pockets of under-supply which are likely to outperform the overall market. The most significant of these is  the mid-market residential sector;

While the office market has seen little change in market conditions during Q3, the release of significant levels of new supply into the market over the next 6 months is expected to increase vacancy levels and strengthen tenants position in rental negotiations; 

Most of the new supply completed in the residential market over Q3 has been targeted at the upper end of the market - with ongoing shortages of housing in the mid-market - which continues to exhibit high multi-occupancy levels;

The retail market also remains undersupplied in terms of quality - relative to the spending power of the population - with limited vacancies in the most popular centres. The completion of a significant number of retail projects over the next 6 months is likely to  stimulate the market making it more competitive and  offering greater choice to tenants; 

The hotel market has adjusted to new levels of supply over the past year - especially with the completion of  additional leisure attractions - Ferrari World in Q4 is most likely to boost demand in the final quarter of the year.

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