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Jeddah Real Estate Market Overview - Q4 2012

​Key Highlights:

The Jeddah market continues to see demand for prime office and residential projects.  Average prime office rents have increased slightly over Q4 as the level of available space in quality buildings has reduced.  The apartment sector has been the stand out sector of the residential market, with apartment sale prices and rentals increasing ahead of those for villas in most parts of the city. There has been little change in retail market conditions in Q4, while Jeddah remains one of the strongest performing hotel markets in the region, with further improvements in all the major market indicators recorded during the final quarter of 2012. 
In addition to reviewing market conditions at the end of 2012, this report also look ahead at the trends likely to influence the Jeddah real estate market during 2013. Among the major influences we expect in 2013 is an increased awareness of the benefits of introducing more sustainability initiatives and higher quality property management practices as new developments in the Kingdom become more complex.

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