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Cairo Real Estate Market Overview - Q3 2012


Key Highlights:
After 18 months of civil unrest and political turmoil, the past three months have seen a welcomed return to more settled and stable conditions following the election of President Mohamed Morsi and the appointment of a new government. Egypt appears to be on the right track for a return to more robust economic growth, and it is evident that the new government is pro-investment and will be working to create a more dynamic market.
Improved political stability has increased consumer confidence, resulting in a recent surge in demand for residential units. Other sectors (eg: tourism, banking and insurance) are also now expanding again, suggesting the overall economy is back on track for growth. While some caution inevitably remains, this improvement is expected to translate into increased demand for real estate across all sectors of the Cairo market over the next 12 months, providing that the government can maintain political stability.

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