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Top 10 for 2010: Defining the ‘New Normal’ for UAE Real Estate

Our latest report 'Top 10 for 2010’ presents its predications of the trends that will shape the UAE real estate market for 2010 and beyond.
Some of these predications are:
  1. Selective Stability: The UAE market will see a general decline in performance during 2010. The market will experience greater differentiation as some locations will perform better than others. This is in spite of the on-going decline in values plus an oversupply and higher vacancy scenario. This selective stability will result in a polarizing effect on the market and will give rise to distinct winners and losers in the real estate sector;

  2. Generating Additional Demand: Generating additional tenant and occupier demand will provide a significant boost to market performance. This will be critical to the timing of recovery in the UAE real estate market. Many of the initiatives required in this area go beyond the real estate industry. The industry needs to implement structural changes to better position itself for the needs of end users and occupiers;

  3. Rebuilding Trust and Confidence: Lack of transparency and trust are major issues facing the UAE real estate industry. They have negatively impacted the UAE market and have eroded investor confidence. Effective regulation and greater transparency are some of the major industry challenges in 2010 and the years ahead.

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