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​​​​​​​​​​​​JLL MENA real estate services in Morocco


​​Morocco appears to among one of the most dynamic markets in the area as it has been experiencing a surge of activity in the real estate industry. The country has long ​been considered the gateway to Europe given its strategic location in northwest Africa. Over the past decade, a number of social, economic and political reforms have been pursued.

Driven by positive macroeconomic indicators and proactive governmental policies, Moroccan real estate market has recorded strong performances for residential, commercial and hospitality assets. One important driver has been a government initiative to boost tourism through “Vision 2010”, a plan intended to increase Morocco’s tourism capacity and attract 10 million tourists to Morocco by 2010. This has resulted in a major boost as most future capacity is planned within mixed-use developments that often feature residential, retail, leisure (golf and sporting facilities) in addition to hotels and resorts.​