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Learning & Development

​​Learning & Development

JLL MENA is committed to the ongoing development of its employees. Over the course of their career, every employee will be given an opportunity to develop their skills business-required competencies/skills/knowledge and transfer learning across the organization. Therefore, at regular intervals, the training needs & preferences of the employee are discussed with his/her supervisor, after which the employee can enroll for the required training.

We focus on training through several avenues in order to cater diverse needs such as:

  • On the job training
  • Secondment/ Exchange program/Work study tour
  • On-line learning (ELearning)
  • Blended learning (combination of self-learning and classroom)
  • In-house training ( through internal subject matter experts)
  • Class room training (customized programs through external consultant)
  • Mentoring/Coaching sessions
  • Leadership program