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Facilities Management

Lower your facility costs and elevate productivity without taking on more risk or sacrificing service levels

[CONTENT] We proactively manage and measure the performance of corporate real estate facilities—from offices and call centers to manufacturing locations and data centers. Our experts understand that successful building operations go beyond the physical environment. It's also about your people. You'll better retain talented employees when you satisfy them with a safe and comfortable workplace that's highly tuned to the work they're doing.

We maximize the efficiency of facilities through strategic sourcing, reductions in energy consumption and responsive engineering services. As the world's largest facilities manager, we employ proven processes, building management technology and economies of scale that will help you significantly reduce your facility operating costs.

Our value add

We manage 554 million square feet of properties, serving 500,000 employees and fulfilling 3 million work orders per year.

Every year, JLL facility managers:

  • Save corporations $150 million in energy costs
  • Effectively manage $1.6 billion in sourcing spend